Legacy Models

Legacy Transducer Support and Information

Taber still supports existing part numbers for the 2801 and 2403 Series Pressure Transducers. These transducers are not recommended for new applications.

2801 Series

Taber’s 2801 Series industrial pressure transducer is an ultra-rugged instrument designed for extreme industrial environments involving hazards, heat, vibration, and EMI.  Popular with the basic metals processing industry, the Model 2801 provides a 4-20 mA output signal with ultra-low noise and protection against EMI/RFI caused by rotating machinery, electrical switchgear, or portable radio communication equipment.  The Model 2801 also features a fully welded stainless steel construction with NPT connections for conduit installation in hazardous or extremely dirty and oily environments.

Typical Model 2801 applications include:


2403 Series

Taber’s legacy 2403SAT Series pressure transducer (currently obsolete), was originally designed for the unique long-life demands required for satellite propulsion and coolant systems and was extremely stable with low drift (0.1% over 10 years), lightweight (<7 ounces), and offered 0.25% Static Accuracy. A 1/4-inch tube stub and enhanced RFI/EMI protection were standard features.

Typical Model 2403 applications include: