Electromagnetic Interference and Radiation

EMI/EMC and Radiation Capabilities

Commonly referred to as EMI, electromagnetic interference has the potential of affecting the internal amplifier of a transducer, which could result in erroneous outputs. This is typically only a risk for voltage output transducers with active electronics. To minimize this, shielding and grounding techniques are recommended. Another solution is to avoid EMI areas when routing wires from the transducer.

Taber also has created EMI filtering designs that utilize electronic components to minimize EMI/EMC effects where they do not appreciably impact transducer performance. Taber has performed a great deal of testing on our transducers according to MIL-STD-461 requirements and has a good understanding of the capabilities of each transducer type in these environments.

Taber also installs EMI shielding in all of our space-rated voltage output transducers for further protection.

Regarding radiation, Taber low-level transducers are immune to radiation effects due to their design with only passive electronics used. For voltage output transducers, however, this is much more of a concern. In order to comply with customer requirements for space use, Taber uses rad hardened EEE parts, individual part shielding, and increased wall thicknesses in order to provide excellent protection against even the most severe radiation environments.