Industries & Heritage

For over 60 years, Taber Industries has been supplying instrumentation for "onboard" military, scientific, and commercial applications.

Taber Industries takes pride in our achievement of providing quality instrumentation that meets customer application requirements and expectations. The information below shows the industries, companies, and some of the exciting applications which Taber has been involved with during this time.

Aerospace, Military & Defense

Taber transducers have been an integral part of Aerospace, Military and Defense applications for the better part of the last century and the new millennium.


Rockets, Boosters & Defense Systems  • Spacecraft, Life Support Systems & Satellites  • Aircraft And Spacecraft Test Stand, Ground Support & Launch Systems  • Aircraft / Iron Bird

Taber transducers have been relied upon to provide precise pressure measurements for numerous aerospace programs and have flown successful missions from the Earth’s atmosphere to the far reaches of space. The robust technology and design of these instruments have their roots in heritage Taber models that supported the space program from the days of Apollo to the present. This support has continued through programs such as the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, unmanned spacecraft, satellites, and long-duration deep space missions—as well as the ever-evolving new space market.

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Commercial & Industrial

Taber’s commercial and industrial pressure transducers utilize the same time-tested, robust, aerospace-grade technology found across the Taber transducer product line.


Manufacturing, Treatment & Processing  • Testing, Research & Development  • Systems Monitoring

Taber’s commercial and industrial pressure transducers use the same time-tested, robust, technology found on all other Taber transducers. In addition, the same electronic circuit design is utilized and standard electronic components are of commercial aerospace-grade quality. This overall “Aerospace Standard of Quality” is Taber tradition and the reason Taber’s commercial and industrial pressure transducers installed on an industrial hydraulic test stand could also be used to monitor various pressurized systems on spacecraft.

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Taber Industries has enjoyed a long and successful heritage with the Navy and other defense programs, as well as numerous commercial applications — above and below the sea.


Submersibles  • Subsea  • Surface Vessels, Mine Sweeping & Propulsion

Military and research applications for Taber’s oceanographic transducers include underwater submersibles as well as various types of equipment for the US Navy’s mine countermeasure operations. Taber transducers meet NAVSEA, RV-S, and DSRV specifications for several major manufacturers of maritime equipment. Taber can also specify transducers for commercial oceanographic applications such as offshore oil wells and rigs. There are many additional oceanographic applications that have utilized Taber transducers where water submersion is not a requirement. Applications may be inside submarines and other submersibles (e.g. bathyscaphe-type vehicles) where the pressure transducers are protected from actual submersion in seawater. Taber transducers have also been used aboard surface vessels where they are subjected to the corrosive environment of seawater.

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Some of our Major Customers and Partners

Ariane Space
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Thales Alenia

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