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Reference Units

Pressure Units - The Taber standard reference unit for pressure measurement is PSI (pounds per square inch).  However, Taber can accommodate any other pressure measurement unit (atm., bar, kPa, in.Hg, MPa, etc.) usually without additional cost.

NOTE:  The units of the Pressure Range are indicated by characters 7-9  of the Taber Configuration Code.  Fractional and non-psi units of pressure are represented by unique alpha-codes assigned by Taber's Application Engineers.


Temperature Units - The Taber standard reference unit for degrees of temperature is Fahrenheit.  However, customers can specify Compensated Temperature Ranges in whole degrees Celsius or whole degrees Kelvin if they wish.

NOTE:  The Compensated Temperature Range (CTR) is indicated by a single code character in position 13 of the Taber Configuration Code.  Special Ranges are indicated by an 'X' and described in the Options by Taber's Application Engineers.