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About Taber Industries

Taber Industries - 455 Bryant St, N. Tonawanda, NY - USAOriginally founded in 1941 by Ralph Taber, the Taber Instrument Corporation was established to manufacture precision testing instruments.  As lead engineer, Mr. Taber invented numerous devices that aided in the understanding of material physical properties - the most famous being the Taber Abraser (abrader) which measures a material's resistance to wear. Many of these concepts were so innovative they are still widely used today.

In 1955, Taber's product line was expanded with the acquisition of bonded foil strain gage pressure transducers from Frederick Flader - former chief engineer of the Curtis Wright Aircraft Company. Used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids in ranges from a few pounds per square inch (psi) up to 50,000 psi, Taber pressure measurement products are engineered for hostile and high reliability environments (space, satellite, aerospace, military applications) along with demanding scientific and industrial markets (national labs, steel rolling mills, marine). Taber's history of providing high quality instrumentation for critical pressure measurement applications has involved Taber transducers in countless programs involving life support, ground support and flight hardware for space, aviation systems and testing, and military vehicle applications.

The Taber Instrument Corporation was acquired by the Teledyne organization in 1966.  It operated as Teledyne Taber until August 1992, when the company changed ownership and became Taber Industries.

Throughout its history, the Taber name has been associated with Quality and Reliability. Taber Industries operates today by the same principle with which Ralph Taber started this company - satisfying customer needs. With over fifty years of successes in our transducer division, we continue to invest in advanced technologies and manufacturing processes. With an in-house machine shop, dedicated design and manufacturing engineers, specialized mechanical and electronic manufacturing assembly departments, along with test facilities, Taber Industries is 100% vertically integrated.

Recognized worldwide, Taber transducers continue to be the standard for many high reliability applications. Do not hesitate to Contact Us for additional information.


Other Taber Divisions:

In addition to the Transducer division, Taber Industries consists of two additional product divisions:

Material Test & Measurement

Taber AbrasersTaber Industries' Material Test &Measurement Division is a global leader for the design and manufacture of high quality, affordable test instruments. Used to evaluate the physical properties of materials, Taber instruments play a critical role in the way companies test the durability of their products. Best known for our expertise in abrasion and surface wear, Taber also offers solutions to measure resistance to scratch, mar and scuff damage; along with bending resiliency and stiffness.


Kenco PressKenco Presses

Low tonnage mechanical stamping presses were added to the product offering when Kenco Presses was purchased in 1967.  Known as "The Small Press Specialist", Kenco presses are designed for applications requiring 3 to 5 tons of force and offer a rugged, dependable press for various manufacturing applications.