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About Taber Transducers

Originally founded in 1941 by Ralph Taber, the Taber Instrument Corporation was established to manufacture precision testing instruments. In 1955, Taber’s product line was expanded with the acquisition of bonded foil strain gage pressure transducers. Taber pressure measurement products are engineered for hostile and high-reliability environments (space, satellite, aerospace, military applications) along with demanding scientific and industrial markets (national labs, steel rolling mills, marine). Taber’s history of providing high-quality instrumentation for critical pressure measurement applications has involved Taber transducers in countless programs involving life support, ground support and flight hardware for space, aviation systems and testing, and military vehicle applications. 

Industries & Heritage

Taber proudly serves customers in a wide range of industries – with applications ranging from the depths of the sea to the far reaches of space. When you need a manufacturer that will meet your specifications – and exceed your expectations choose Taber. Our pressure transducers are built to the highest standard of quality, and are engineered and manufactured to perform reliably even in the most hostile environments.

Aerospace, Military & Defense

Taber transducers have been an integral part of Aerospace, Military and Defense applications for the better part of the last century and the new millennium.

Commercial & Industrial

Taber’s commercial and industrial pressure transducers utilize the same time-tested, robust, aerospace grade technology found across the Taber transducer product line.


Taber Industries has enjoyed a long and successful heritage with the Navy and other defense programs, as well as numerous commercial applications — above and below the sea.

Featured Products

At Taber, we consistently outperform the industry standards to give you what you really need – pressure transducers specifically engineered for the most extreme environments. See our highly configurable transducer offerings below.

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Other Taber Divisions:

In addition to the Transducer division, Taber Industries consists of two additional product divisions:

Material Test & Measurement

Taber Industries’ Materials Test and Measurement Division is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, affordable test instruments. Used to evaluate the physical properties of materials, Taber instruments play a critical role in the way companies test the durability of their products.

Kenco Presses

Kenco’s Kompac 3K and 5K low tonnage mechanical presses have been manufactured since 1950 for various applications including stamping, forming, and crimping of small parts.

Kenco offers bench and floor model presses, which can be integrated into any production layout and actuated by feed equipment or an external PLC.