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Submersible Pressure Transducers

Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle - MysticTaber Industries enjoys a long and successful heritage with US Navy and other defense programs.  The primary applications for Taber's oceanographic transducers include underwater submersibles and towed sonar arrays for the US Navy's mine countermeasure fleet.  Taber transducers meet NAVSEA, RV-S and DSRV specifications for Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, Woods Hole and Sea Cliff/Turtle.  Taber transducers have also been selected for applications aboard the Seawolf, FAB, and the US Navy ASDS submarine programs. 



Taber Transducer - Model 2000Model 2000 Taber's Model 2000 submersible pressure transducer offers a high level, 0-5 VDC output, and is designed especially for submersibles and oil platform applications. The heritage of the Model 2000 includes DSRV and submersible platforms for the US Navy and scientific community. The Model 2000 is submersible to a depth of 30,000 ft. (9,144 meters), is available in pressure ranges to 10,000 psi (690 bar), and is compatible with seawater. The Model 2000 also features a standard static accuracy of ≤0.25% FSO, including temperature compensation, and offers a variety of options for shunts, connectors and cables.


Taber Transducer - Model 2002Model 2002 Taber's Model 2002 submersible pressure transducer offers a 2-wire, 4-20 mA output, and utilizes the same construction and mechanical components as the Model 2000.  All other specifications listed for the Model 2000 also apply to the Model 2002.



Typical applications for Models 2000 and 2002 include:

  • Manned Submersibles
  • Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles
  • Depth Sensors
  • Deep Submergence Vehicles
  • Dredge Boats
  • Underwater Mining
  • Mine Detection
  • Oil Platforms
  • Subsea Trenching




Many of the pressure transducers that Taber Industries supplies to our customers for oceanographic applications are not designed to be submersed in water.  Applications may be inside submarines and bathyscaphe type vehicles such as Deep Sea Research Vehicles (DSRV), where the pressure transducers are protected from actual submersion in seawater.  Also, pressure transducers can be aboard surface vessels where their function has nothing to do with seawater, but where they are often subjected to its corrosive environment via splashing or the ambient atmosphere.

For those non-submersible oceanographic pressure transducers that must either measure seawater ballasts, or come in daily contact with the corrosive seawater atmosphere, Taber can provide the special wetted materials or the special body materials required to assure their survival.  For more information, Contact Us or click on Request a Quote above.

Typical Non-Submersible applications include:

  • Hovercraft
  • Submarine Oxygen Systems
  • Submarine Silo Pressure Test Kits