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Qualifications & Heritage

Taber Industries takes pride in our achievement of providing quality instrumentation that meets customer application requirements and expectations.  The Taber Industries Quality Management System is guided by the following controls:




AS9100D, MIL-Q-9858A

NASA STD 8739.1A, NASA STD 8739.2, NASA STD 8739.3





NASA STD 5006, AWS D17.1.M


External Approvals:

  McDonnell Douglas MIL-Q-9858A  
  Lockheed Martin MIL-I-452081 & MIL-STD-45662A  
  Textron Marine MIL-I-452081 & MIL-STD-45662A  
  NASA NASA STD 8739.3  


For over 60 years, Taber Industries has been supplying instrumentation for "on board" military, scientific, and commercial applications. The following heritage list shows the industries, companies, and some of the exciting projects which Taber has been involved with during this time.



Hyper X-43 Scramjet

  Aerojet  Space Shuttle - Pulsed Rocket Engine & Orbital Maneuvering System, K-1 RLV, NEXT Thruster 
  Rockwell International  Space Shuttle - Hydraulic System Pressure 
  NASA - KSC  Space Shuttle - Ground Testing & Solid Rocket Recovery System, Constellation - Ground Support & Test Transducers
  NASA - Hamilton Sundstrand Space Suit - Supplemental Oxygen Pack
  Naval Research Lab  Space Shuttle - Launch Dispenser 
  DTI Associates  Oriole Sounding Rocket 
  Fiat-Avio ( Italy)  VEGA Launch Vehicle, cryogenic rocket engine testing 
  Lockheed Martin  Minuteman rocket heat shield testing 
  Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. ( Japan)  H-1, H-II, Launch Vehicle 
  ATK/GASL, Inc. X43A - Hyper-X Scramjet


SATELLITE INDUSTRYHubble Space Telescope

  Astrium (Daimler-Chrysler)  Artemis, Ion Propulsion System, SATELCOMM, KOMPSAT II, ATV (ESA) Program 
  Boeing Satellite Systems  Multiple (seven plus) GEO Satellites currently in orbit 
  Busek  FalconSAT 6, FalconSAT 5
  Creare Hubble Space Telescope Planck Cooler
  Fiat Avio (Italy)  Artemis, Tethered Sat, SICRAL, Italsat 
  IHI (Japan)  ALOS (Advanced Land Observation Satellite), ETS-8 Program, SELENE (KAGUYA) 
  Lockheed Martin (GE Astro)  Telstar, Intelsat, EOS, DSCS-IABSA, 7000 Series Comsats, GE-1, GE-2, Echostar, Asiasat, Landsat 7, A2100 Series Comsats, SIRTF Program, Koreasat 
  Lockheed Martin (Stennis)  Falcon - HTV-2 
  Marquardt/Ford Aerospatiale  Insat, Intelsat, Arabsat 
  MELCO  QZS, Himawari 8, Turksat-4A 
  MHI/Melco (Japan)  HTV, MTSAT, Superbird-7, HTV-1-5 
  Moog, Inc.  JPL N-STAR c, Ion Propulsion System 
  NASA - Aerojet  Radiation Belt Storm - Van Allen Probes 
  NASA - GSFC  TOMS-EP (Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer), LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Order), SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) 
  NASA - JPL  Mars Exploration Rover-Cruise Stage DAWN, Deep Space 1, Clementine Lunar Orbiter 
  NASA - JPL/Pacific Design Technologies  MSL (Mars Science Lab) 
  Orbital ATK  IBEX, Radarsat, Orbcomm, Orbview & SBD, N-STAR c, PanAmSat XII, XIV, XV, TELKOM II, ROCSAT-3, OPTUS-D1, D2, GEOStar - Hylas, OCO, SES-1, Koreasat-6, Intelsat-New Dawn, SES-3, SES-2, Intelsat-18, Azerspace/Africasat-1A, Cygnus-ORB-1 
  Space Industries  Wake Shield Facility 
  Space Systems/Loral  Multiple (twelve plus) SSL GEO Satellites currently in orbit 
  Teledyne Brown/Boeing International Space Station (ISS) Vacuum System



  Boeing  C130 Avionics Modernization Program (AMP), Wave Rider (X-51) 
  Hill AFB  Automated Jet Engine Test System 
  Rockwell International  B-1 Flight Tests 
  Wright Patterson AFB  Jet Engine Ground Testing 
  Lockheed Martin  Anti-skid Brake Testing for 757/767 Aircraft 
  Pratt & Whitney  Experimental Jet Engine Oil Pressure Sensor 
  Southwest Research  F1-11 Flight Testing 
  Northrop Grumman  Joint Stars, F-14 Engine Testing, E-2C Hawkeye upgrade 
  Garrett/Fairchild  F109 GE Engine Trim Sets Flight Test 
  Israel Aircraft  Rafael Aircraft Flight Test 
  Allied Signal (Garrett)  APU pressure sensors for: GTCP331-200/250/350; GTCP36/150RR/RJ/F2N; GTCP36-120/280/300A/G/F 



  General Dynamics  Tomahawk Cruise Missile 
  Lockheed Martin  Deep Sea Recovery Vehicle (DSRV) 
  Spears Associates/US Navy  Submersible Electronic System (Towed Array) 
  Westinghouse Marine  Poseidon & Trident Missile Launch Tubes 
  Woods Hole  Deep Submergence Research Vehicle (HOV Alvin) 
  US Navy ships  Sea Cliff, Turtle, USS Seawolf, USS Dolphin, etc. 
  Textron Marine  Air Cushioned Landing Craft (LCAC) 
  Northrop Grumman  Variable Ballast Trim System for the ASDS 
  Raytheon  Variable Depth Mine Hunting Sonar System-AN/SQQ-32