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General Purpose

Taber General Purpose pressure transducers use the same time-tested, robust, bonded foil strain gauge, Wheatstone bridge technology found on all other Taber transducers.  In addition, the same electronic circuit design is utilized for any given signal output and standard electronic components are of commercial aerospace grade quality.  This overall "Aerospace Standard of Quality" is Taber tradition and the reason a Taber General Purpose pressure transducer installed on an industrial hydraulic test stand could also be used to monitor the fuel pressure on a hypersonic scramjet test vehicle flying at a speed greater than Mach 9.


Military / Industrial Series

Taber Transducer - Model 2211NASA Launch PadModel M2211 - Designed for ease of manufacture, Taber's Model M2211 Military / Industrial Series transducer is a compact, low mass pressure transducer that weighs less than 4 ounces and offers a low-level 3mV/V output.  The all-welded, hermetically sealed, and stress-isolated design ensures a zero defect solution to any general purpose application.  Plus, the Taber Model M2211 offers a standard static accuracy of ≤0.25% FSO (Full Scale Output).  Optional environmental temperature ranges from -450 deg F to +400 deg F for cryogenics and high temperature applications.

Typical Model M2211 applications include: 

  • Government & Industrial Laboratory R&D
  • Test Stands
  • Pressure Vessel Testing
  • Ballistics Testing
  • Coolant Systems
  • Explosion Testing
  • Gas Generators
  • Hot Process Monitoring


Taber Transducer - Model 2911Model M2911 - Taber's Model M2911 is the high-level, 0-5 VDC or 4-20mA output version of the Model 2211. A static accuracy of ≤0.25% FSO is standard with an Improved Accuracy option of ≤0.125%FSO for most pressure ranges. 

The addition of the high level module to the low level unit creates additional application options.  Typical Model M2911 applications include: 

  • Laboratories R&D
  • Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft
  • Coolant Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • High Cycle Rate Test Stands
  • Sounding Rockets
  • Target Missles
  • Air Launch Target Vehicles
  • Tactical Air Traffic Control Systems


NOTE: The Military / Industrial Series M2211 and M2911 pressure transducers are a subset of Taber's Aerospace transducer products.  They offer standard options including several different receptacle and pressure port options, RTD (temperature sensor), 80% internal shunt, wide Compensated Temperature Ranges (CTR), and more.  A complete 11 point Calibration Report and a signed Certificate of Conformance are included.


Industrial & Test Stand

Model 2801 - Taber's Model 2801 industrial pressure transducer is an ultra-rugged instrument designed for extreme industrial environments involving hazards, heat, vibration, and EMI.  Popular with the basic metals processing industry, the Model 2801 provides a 4-20 mA output signal with ultra low noise and protection against EMI/RFI caused by rotating machinery, electrical switch gear, or portable radio communication equipment.  The Model 2801 also features a fully welded stainless steel construction with NPT connections for conduit installation in hazardous or extremely dirty and oily environments

Typical Model 2801 applications include:

  • Steel and Aluminum Rolling Mills
  • Fuel Storage & Handling Systems
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Recovery systems


NOTE: All Taber Industries' pressure transducers that are hermetically sealed instruments contain electronic circuits that are considered intrinsically safe circuits under normal operating conditions in Class 1, Division 2 locations.


Taber Transducer - Model S206Model S0206 - For decades, Taber's Model S0206 pressure transducer has been the benchmark for test stand pressure transducers. Test engineers worldwide have long specified the Model S0206 for their rigorous test regimes because of this transducers mechanical overload protection, a removable pressure cap, and replaceable stainless steel diaphragms.  The removable cap facilitates the inspection and cleaning of the pressure cavity and, if necessary, allows replacement of the stainless steel diaphragms. This is especially important when jet or rocket engine exhaust contaminants foul the pressure cavity.  Redesigned and improved to meet the demands of today's jet engine and rocket engine testing market, the updated Model S0206 incorporates all the performance characteristics and ruggedness of the original Model 206 but offers improved accuracy performance, increased pressure ranges, secondary containment, and alternate output capabilities.

Typical Model S0206 applications include:

  • Jet & Rocket Engine Test Stands
  • Pressurized Vessel Testing
  • Commercial & Military Ordnance Testing
  • Hydraulic Systems Testing
  • Water Hammer situations